Lake Surface Water Temperature

The sections below contain information on the Lake Surface Water data types; including output attributes, quality and purpose of the data. Click on the pictures for links to the data.

Lake surface water temperature can directly and indirectly influence physical, chemical and biological processes in a lake. Lake surface temperature itself can be influenced by climatic factors such as air temperature, solar radiation and cloud cover, as well as geomorphometric factors such as lake surface area and depth. As such, lake surface temperature can be an effective indicator on the effect of global climate change on inland waters (including lakes, reservois, rivers, etc.).


  • Format: NetCDF format
  • Quality: 0.05 degree grid spatial resolution, per-lake coverage
  • Digital Object Identify (DOI) number: Methodology Paper = 10.5589/m12-010
  • Date of most recent version: 24 October 2013
  • Access: Public
  • Supporting data: land/water mask