ATSR Science and Applications

ATSR Science Leadership and Co-ordination

The ATSR Principal Investigator Team provides scientific leadership and co-ordination of the ATSR programme on behalf of the ATSR funding partners. The team is led by the ATSR Principal Investigator, who works closely with the ATSR Validation Scientist and other colleagues in the science community, principally through the ATSR Science Advisory Group (SAG). The SAG currently focuses its efforts on the following topics:

  1. Climate research and prediction
  2. Ocean processes
  3. Land surface processes
  4. The atmosphere, including clouds and aerosols
  5. The cryosphere
  6. Operational applications, including meteorology

These topics are addressed within the ATSR Exploitation Plan (AEP), which provides a reference for all ATSR exploitation activities. More information on the scientific applications of the ATSR series is also available here.

Historical documents, which includes the following overview volumes, are available to view or download as follows:

Volume 1 - ATSR Project Overview

Volume 2 - Projects that have requested ATSR data

Volume 3 - Peer reviewed literature citing ATSR

Guide to ATSR Science

The science areas so far elaborated in the AEP are available to view or download as follows:

Volume 4 - Sea Surface Temperature

Volume 5 - Land Surface Temperature

Volume 6 - Clouds and Aerosols

ATSR Images

Example images from (A)ATSR can be seen in the image gallery here.

Future Projects

Future proposed projects using the AATSR data can be viewed in the New Work Items list.